Easter in the forest

At Easter, my whole church packs up and goes on retreat in the jarrah forest outside Perth. Image The mornings are spent in organised Easter worship (according to the day) and the afternoons are free and unstructured (this year I sewed my Sencha blouse). Meals are fantastic and everyone takes part in the preparation, cooking and clean-up.

It is a time of sadness, joy amd reflection, all in the company of good people.

The forest is beautiful. Jarrah is a dense, hardwood found in the southwest of Western Australia, in the past it was used extensively as a building product, but has been affected severely by a northern hemisphere tree disease (called “dieback” here, it is phytophthera). Image

The forest our camp is in, was extensively logged in the past, but is now protected and although subjected to many feral plants (fig, privet, blackberry etc), is still very beautiful Image(The path up to the bush chapel, near the creek are a lot of weeds, you may see the fig tree on the right).

The autumnal weather made for cool nights and mornings, but sunny, warm days; it was a special and relaxing time- perfect for recharging the batteries :)Image (Behind our cabin).

There were

a few wildflowers out, but most are just getting over the long, hot and very dry summer Image Image

 I am writing this on my third day back at work, dreaming about being on holidays again!

My first Sencha- lurve!

Have you ever sewn something and really cannot wait to iron it before you put it on and take some pics?

Well, this was it for me :)

Colette Patterns Sencha blouse, I have liked it since I first saw it 2 years ago and finally bought the pattern a few weeks ago, I had some 300 thread count sheeting from Ikea that I really fell for, the colour is a favourite of mine. sencha I made it over the Easter break at my church camp (another blog post about that one- what a lovely time).

Anyway, without further ado, here I am in my latest make. P1030458  P1030455 Ooh, I am a sucker for a back buttoned blouse!

Book Review: Days in the History of Silence

By Merethe Lindstrom Image.

Merethe Lindstrom is a Norwegian writer and I confess I know little about her. I was drawn to this book because I quite like the Scandinavian style of writing (or is it how it ends up after being translated- no matter). It is quite spare in style, not florid, observant and some might even say dispassionate.

This book is all those things and I did not like it one bit!

It is the story of an elderly woman whose husband is becoming more distant and initially the thought is that he is purposely shutting her out. Later on it becomes obvious that dementia is more likely the reason. They have made decisions in their lives that have had an impact on the people around them and the reason I read to the end (when I would have normally given up) was that I wanted to see the woman express some regret about it all; no such moment came.

I would like to hear if anyone out there has read this book and enjoyed it, go on, convince me to change my mind!

It is hard to read a book when none of the characters appeal. I think I just have to put this one down to experience.

Beauty in the built environment

Can a hospital be a thing of beauty?

From the 1940′s to the 1990′s they certainly were not. The hospital where I work (a large part built in the 1930′s) has a lovely Art Deco entrance and  Image some lovely art deco touches like curved balustrades and terrazzo bathrooms) Image, but this building is not the norm in hospital architecture in Perth.

Anyway, in the course of my work I visit another hospital most weeks, it has had a lot of building works done and still in progress. Our new children’s hospital is building is being built on the site which has necessitated a lot of work in other areas.


Image Gardens for staff, visitors and patients

I’m pleased that the function-only buildings of the 1980′s seem to be a thing of the past and aesthetics are playing a big part in  modern hospital design. There will always people who consider the addition of beauty to infrastructure is a waste of money, but I believe that to gaze upon a thing of beauty (no matter how mundane) can only be for the better. There are also people who will not agree with me that these buildings are beautiful, each to their own is a phrase that comes to mind!

Image I work in this gorgeous building, unsurprisingly blood is dealt with in here!


Image Oncology (cancer) centre

Image Staff and visitors car parking (complete with artwork)

Now I know that styles come and go, so I am finishing with this cracker. My Dad worked for a while on the building of this wing (the original hospital) built in the mid 1950′s. I am sure at the time, that someone thought it was lovely, but I look at it and am left wondering what were they thinking?!  Image


Funky Pants of Awesomeness!!!

My trousers are finished and I am happeeeeeee! I chose this funky digital print out of the remnant bin at Knitwit in Nedlands (Perth), I just had enough for the pants, but had to do a bit of juggling. The print is so busy I doubt people will notice (and no-one has yet), but I had to fit the pattern pieces in opposite directions on the fabric… can you tell? My first pair are these, Image They are the Wendy Pants by StyleArc and I made them about a year ago (I think). They have served me well and I really wanted another pair, so thankyou for the incentive Monthly Stitch gals :)

Image I wore the new ones this morning to church and will wear them again tomorrow to work, thank goodness I work with funky people and can do this sort of thing! Image It was a bit sunny in the garden to see what was happening, but the colours really jump out in the bright light…off to the shade,

Image that’s better. I finish with the bum pic, not my favourite angle, especially as I pulled up my top to show off the waistband (it’s wide), but here we go… Image

Notes- the fabric is a two way stretch, woven cotton and the only adjustments I made were to add about 3cm to the back rise (the first pair sat a bit low for my liking) and I took 5cm off the leg length as I am a shorty. The beauty of StylArc is the patterns are one size..yours :)


More buildings

Just a couple of pics taken with the ‘phone and from the car, after picking my daughter up from volleyball…

Image The Windsor Hotel in South Perth. My husband and I used to go come here quite a lot before we got married.

Image Directly opposite, not sure, but I think it is the old South Perth Post Office.

More pics to come when I take them :)