Making Progress…

Thank goodness for the weekend is all I can say! The opportunity to do some sewing came along and I grabbed it as I felt the month slipping away and the possibility of not finishing this challenge seemed very real.

So, Here goes…


The underbust band is on, as are the side panels and the straps are secured at the back.


Binding has been applied to the seam at the underbust and along the lower edge of the side panels. This is in a different order to VeraVenus’ instructions as the binding should go on the side panel joins first, but I’m experimenting (I hope she doesn’t mind ;)).


The bra strap has been secured to the lower edge of the side panel and all the internal binding has been slip-stitched into place, as I am going for a luxe finish on this project.


So I am now on the home run and the end is in site, ready to put up onto the TMS’ website- Yay!

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