1940’s Glamour!

She has taken forever, but she is finished and I am proud!


This is a long post, so apologies for being boring 😉

This lady is SUBSTANTIAL, there is no cheekiness with her, everything is covered and when she is off, she looks like something Hyacinth Bucket would wear!

finished 1

There is a LOT of handstitching as follows:

finished 3  finished 4b

Hooks and eyes (yes that is an extra 6cm on the back- now it fits)

finished 5b  finished 5c

Internal binding, strap attachment and catch-stitching

Final pics

front  back

side Remembering the silhouette of 1940’s clothing, I think the rather odd profile would not have been noticeable back then, under wovens it will look fine, but under knits that cling, it looks a bit…well…strange. Still, it is very wearable and comfortable. I think, we don’t realise how lucky we are to live in a time of stretch fabrics, there is no room for error in a bra made of woven fabric!


4 thoughts on “1940’s Glamour!

  1. OMG! You put your boobies on the internet. You are my HERO! 😉

    On the other hand, you’re actually more covered up than most swimsuit models, Victoria’s Secret ladies, and red carpet parades. Must be why you’re a lot prettier!

    That is one delicious creation, I am in awe. I can see why the finished lines are a little odd under knits, but it is beautiful and feminine and fits so very well. That is just fantastic.

    Hmm… now I’m perhaps not so nervous if they choose lingerie for November… maybe I can try one? Nah, still chicken. I’ll just admire yours.

    • There is nothing to see Toni!!! I am cured of sewing in silk satin, that stuff is so slippery and frays to billyo; I will make the bra again, but in cotton next time and including the extra across the back. Talking about the back, there is a helluva lot of airbrushing in that pic, my decades of sun exposure have left me with moles, freckles, scarring (from having moles taken off etc etc). I voted for making something from a sewing book for November; but if it’s lingerie, then this lady needs matching undies 😉

  2. I didn’t find this post boring. You can be proud of your needlework, your photography and your writing. Good work, Jennifer. Looking forward to seeing the knickers. 🙂

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