Spring Cleaning and musing…

What a beautiful Spring day it was, I saw it when I hung out the washing, cleaned the chicken coop, mowed the lawn and weeded…yep, just another Saturday- sort of.

My brother is getting married next week and Mum is coming up to stay with us, about five days later, I have nephews visiting from the Netherlands and they will be staying for a little while too, hence Spring Cleaning. Every room has had a job done on it, although, to be honest it’s not really obvious, almost feels that I wasted my time. Should have been outside watching the Willy Wagtail cockerals have a go at each other and dive-bombing the Kookaburra that was just passing through.

The Dockers lost the Grand Final of the AFL, I didn’t watch, but tuned in to listen on the radio every now and then. I drove through East Fremantle this morning and purple was the colour of the day, I hope everyone just acknowledges the good job they did getting this far and that they are still appreciated when they return from Melbourne, after all, it’s just sport 😉

Purple turns to puce as wayward Freo is left feeling green – The Age


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning and musing…

  1. Driving to work Friday morning I briefly thought I was witnessing a new species of bird dive across my vision. Then I made out that it was an Australian Raven fleeing in panic with a Willy Wagtail pretty much on its tail.

    I love Spring. It is so bouncy. 😀

    • Those Wagtails are so feisty, yesterday morning I thought they were having a go at me, but then I realised they were squabbling with each other. The poor Kooka was very disdainful, but didn’t hang around for long! Spring can be lovely, but the only things bouncing today have been blown over by the gales, winter has momentarily returned.

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