Charity and Chickens

My daughter’s school promotes community service and her year is involved in aid work with a charity for intellectually disabled people. To that end, she and I spent 5 hours today, manning an information booth at the big Spring Show held here in Perth. It was EXHAUSTING, I got to the stage where I would grin and tell people not to ask me questions I couldn’t answer! Still, over the five hours, we only encountered 9 people who were rude, so that wasn’t too bad. The majority of those, refused to believe that we were volunteers and thought paying $1.50 for a showground map was a rort! They were more prepared to pay $$$ to big confectionary companies for their showbags, than $1.50 to the organisation that brought them the Show in the first place- figure that one out!!!

After our shift was finished, we went for a stroll around the showgrounds on our swollen, hot and very sore feet (add to that, my broken toe!), I scratched a few lovely pigs heads and backs, cooed over the baby Nubian and Saanen goats, watched a few bulls being made beautiful for competition, oohed and aahed at the decorated wedding cakes and visited my favourite pavilion- the poultry. Okay, I should clarify; I am not a pigeon, turkey or goose fancier, but I do love chooks 🙂

barredplymouthrock This Barred Plymouth Rock cockerel was a very handsome chappie, although not a prize winner, the Australorp below really took my fancy but again missed out on a prize…


But for an intelligent eye and a sweet face, I can’t go past these Australorp hens, aren’t they just gorgeous?

australhen1       australhen  I would have loved to take girlie number 2 home with me, but she wasn’t for sale (husband will never know how close it was!).

This link will take you to info on these lovely birds:

If I wasn’t so tired, I would be at my sewing machine making up a bikini for my daughter, as it is, I am seriously contemplating an early night; back to work tomorrow… zzzzzzzzzzzz


2 thoughts on “Charity and Chickens

  1. I love chooks too, and those hens are a beauty. Himself doesn’t mind if we have chickens, but I’m still begging for a goat. He may have begun to be swayed with the idea of angora goats, but the jury’s still out.

  2. I’ve just finished reading a book about a woman who made a tree change to Tasmania. She bought a pet goat called Gretal who weighed 70 kg, but thought she was a dog! Lots of excited jumping when she saw her owner, but (like a lot of goats), she ate everything she fancied and electric fencing couldn’t keep her in!!! I too love goats, but they sound like a lot of work 😉

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