Spring, wedding, visitors and not much sewing

Today is glorious, the sun is shining and is WARM (ooh, lovely) and thoughts turn to wearing less clothing. My daughter has asked me to make her a bikini using a Burdastyle pattern and she has chosen a very thick cotton drill for the toile; methinks this fabric is unsuitable because it is too thick at the seams and bears no resemblance to the stretchy lycra I will make the real thing in, still, she can always wear it around the house 🙂

kings-park-haze[1] (seashellsandoutbacktales.wordpress.com)

Looking at Perth from Kings Park

Still, with Mum staying, my Brother-in-law living here and everyone getting excited about the upcoming nuptials of my dear Younger Brother and the Lovely Trish- there is not very much sewing happening here!

The garden is looking lush and I can’t keep up with the weeds, they just spring up overnight! Meanwhile my asparagus is sending tasty shoots and I am harvesting my little patch of wheat for the chooks …

wheat[1] (impressive, but not mine)

Western Australia is renowned for it’s Spring displays of wildflowers and, while the following pics are not from my garden, they easily could be, as all of these grow well in Perth’s sandy soil.

The most famous would be the Kangaroo Paw

WA-mangles-kangaroo-paw-anigozanthus-manglesii-credit-chittering-landcare-centre-640x480[1] named for it’s slight resemblance to the animal’s paw.

My favourite wildflower is the Fringed Lily. I have grown these and they did well, but died after a couple of years, I miss them, although they’ve been replaced with Purple Flags

6367821411_c4a533a3bd_o[1] Lily 26[1] Flag

I will finish now with the lovely Paper Daisies, (aka Everlastings), easy to grow, lovely to look at and last for ages- the perfect flower 🙂


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