The weirdness of ageing..

I was lying in my Husband’s arms this morning feeling small and cute, (he is a big bloke) and I had an image of what I looked like. The image was not of me now, it was of me in my early twenties (when I was small and cute!).

IMG0001 Uni days

Ageing is a strange process, I know what I feel I look like. Because my thoughts are young, I should look young too, so looking in the mirror is frequently a shock! I remember when this started happening…in my early forties I remember looking in the mirror one day and thinking, ‘Who is that and when did that start happening?’ I went to the doctor around the same time convinced I had a goitre (swelling) in my neck and maybe a thyroid problem… she examined me and told me it was FAT!!!

download Selfies 🙂

I wish sometimes I was still cute and small, but with the wisdom and mellowness that comes from being on this planet for fifty years. art-353-space-300x0




6 thoughts on “The weirdness of ageing..

  1. Oh I don’t know, one disadvantage of being small is that some people don’t credit you with an adult mind, but small people develop BIG personalities to deal with that one. Being cute also puts you in the position of not being taken seriously…but being small and cute is nicer to look at in the mirror than being what I am atm!

  2. I apologise that my comment didn’t come across the way I intended. What I wanted to say is its not our age, size, shape or look that counts but the feeling we get in the arms of the ones we love. You said you felt small and cute in your husband’s arms. That’s lovely. 🙂

  3. Oh, I feel the same way. I’ve long believed the difference between 17 and 70 is only wrinkles, and am now heading into living proof of that too. I don’t feel old and fat in my head, and it’s always an unpleasant surprise when I see myself in photos (it’s photos that get me – ones at a function or barbie, when I’m not primped and posed.) Aging is one cruel joke from nature! 😦

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