Oh Happy Day :)

What a lovely day! My lovely brother and his gorgeous girl were married yesterday and it was just mmmmm!

Even the light Spring rain couldn’t dampen the happiness and joy that were everywhere, I even cried 🙂

P1030166  (The ultimate in gorgeousness)

I went in my 38 hour dress (a rough estimate on how long it took to make with all the binding of internal seams and hand-sewing), it is based on Burdastyle’s Godet Dress released in 2012.

I ended doing a last minute alteration as it appeared I had lost a bit of weight (not enough- humph!), I was pretty pleased with the end result however, especially with my reproduction Edwardian shoes from AmericanDuchess.com- I felt quite flapper-ish 🙂 P1030150 Should have taken the specs off for the photo 😦

On another sewing note, I finished the toile of the bikini for my daughter. I mentioned in an earlier post that it was being made in a cotton drill, this proved to be almost totally unsuitable because of the complete lack of stretch. The bikini itself was not difficult to make, the fiddliest bits were feeding the elastic through the tiny casings, but it all worked out. The fabric choice meant that the bikini is teeny tiny, my daughter has declared she will only wear it in the backyard at home (and that is fine by me!)

P1030209 ooh erh!   P1030208 Not enough coverage anywhere!!


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