Voices and what is on the make…

I am rereading this crime drama by Arnaldur Indridason, mainly because I had forgotten the story. There are very few books I read more than once (the most noticeable exception being A Mother and Two Daughters by Gail Godwin which I read every five years or so).

I got Voices out of the library because I had forgotten I had already read it and it is proving to be an interesting read all over again 🙂 voices

Erlendur is the main character and he is his usual drab, hopeless case. His life is so empty he would rather stay in the hotel where a murder has occurred, than be in his own place for Christmas.

The book itself looks at dysfunctional families, homosexuality, prostitution and of course, murder. I don’t think I would call it an enjoyable read, but it is engaging and I am champing at the bit to find out whodunnit.

As far as sewing goes, for Frocktober and TMS, I am making a Tiramisu (by Cake Patterns) for my dear Mum. Tiramisu-Thumb(http://sewingcake.com/shop-window/)

She and a friend are going to New Zealand for a holiday in November and she needs something in a knit fabric that doesn’t need ironing straight out of the suitcase. To get her sizing, she tried on one of my Tiramisu and I adjusted (with pins) accordingly. This morning I washed her lovely cotton/wool knit (from Potters in North Perth) and traced out her customised pattern. I think it will work quite well, but the actual making will have to wait as I am entertaining my lovely nephews/cousins who arrived from The Netherlands yesterday 🙂 Tomorrow they are spending time in Fremantle, the Freo Markets should be open, so I hope they enjoy it !



6 thoughts on “Voices and what is on the make…

  1. Yesterday I borrowed:
    Wordpress for Dummies
    Tackling Tumblr
    Inspirations by Paulo Coelho
    The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard.

    Most recent read finished:
    High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.

    I bet your relatives love Fremantle. Its a great place. 🙂

  2. I wish I had liked High Fidelity, especially as I had loved the movie, but I have found that often happens, read the book hate the movie, love the movie hate the book…
    They did like Freo, but got lost and didn’t ask directions…men 😛

    • Ha! Amazing! I did not know that High Fidelity had been made into a film. However here is my journal entry about the book…

      “I finished ‘High Fidelity’. I enjoyed it up to a point, the point, just over half way when I imagined the main character (being) played by Hugh Grant – I don’t like Hugh Grant, he’s such a prat.”

      Please tell me, who played the main character in the film?

  3. Firstly, it was set in the US (which probably spoils it for you), secondly, the main character was played by John Cusack ( and I really like John Cusack) he has played some interesting roles.

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