TMS Frocktober Tiramisu…and bobbin envy

So October is Frocktober and the challenge was a frock/dress, (whatever you choose to call it).

I’ve already mentioned that Mum bought some fabric from Potters in North Perth, it was two $8 remnants of about a metre each. She has liked the Tiramisu (x2) that I made myself and it was on the cards that I would make one for her. The perfect excuse was her upcoming birthday and her trip to New Zealand next

The fabric is a wool/cotton mix and is a dream to sew (and wear methinks), soft and drapey, mmm…….delish! I helped her choose it, as she is a fabric conservative (like me) and I’ve pledged to come outside my comfort zone (Mum too). The green in this print looks beautiful with Mum’s colouring DSCN0302..and she never usually wears green!


Adjustments I made were to shorten the kimono sleeve at the shoulder edge (Mum’s request) and to take it down a size at the bust and waist. As she lives 2 1/2 hours away, I tried it on myself for fitting, knowing that if it was a bit tight on me, it would fit her 🙂   (I was a bit concerned looking at these pics that I had wonkified the bodice, but no; it’s just dodgy Sylvia who is wonky).

P1030229   P1030228

The dress came together easily, I’m getting better with this pattern each time I sew it. I am having “issues” with my overlocker, so all seams were stretch zig-zagged instead, the finish is quite pleasing. I am hand-embroidering a label with a birthday message atm and then it is into  wrapping and off to the Post Office…Happy Birthday Lovely Mum!

On another topic, I sewed this dress on Peta Pfaff. She is a 17 year old Varimatic that I bought last year off an elderly Dutch lady and is in beautiful condition. downloadThe only gripe I have with her, is her bobbins. They seem to hold very little thread. When I fill them, it takes no time at all and there is a heap of space left over on the actual bobbin. download-4Compare that to old Trude Bernina (a 1969 Bernina 730 I bought off ebay earlier this year) download-3whose bobbins load as full as a goog and seem to last forever, and is it any wonder I prefer sewing with the big T? download-6I had to refill my Pfaff bobbin three times during the making of Mum’s Tira…grrr, very annoying!


6 thoughts on “TMS Frocktober Tiramisu…and bobbin envy

  1. So you’re finally making friends with the Tiramisu after all? It is a really pretty dress – at least on all the websites I’ve seen it posted.

    I bought the Anna dress from By Hand London, but am wobbling through a simpler pattern for the Frocktober challenge. Wobbling because I’ve made an array of errors and because I don’t get much time to sew. 😦

    Well done on finishing yours already.

    Watcha doing for November? Decided yet? I’ve made a list of all the patterns that interest me in my sewing books (just the ones that interest me, not all the patterns) and have managed to cross a few off. Still too many to choose from, though. Sigh…

    • I know your dilemma! Sewing books = (almost) love. So much choice, so little time, too much busyness etc etc. I bought some really gorgeous chambray-coloured linen and am making a pair of loose-fitting summer pants; the pattern is out of a Japanese pattern book that I haven’t used before…wish me luck 😉


  2. That dress looks lovely!

    I’m an occasional seamstress… My most challenging piece was a maternity dress for my 8mos pregnant sister to wear at a family reunion. The trick was estimating how big she would be on that day! =)

    I have a hard time matching the right fabric to the right project. Even the best sewing manuals want to give you too many choices. I just want some one to definitively tell me ‘use this’ – simple and clear – I’m afraid of making expensive mistakes! =)

    • Ah yes, fabric can be expensive, but it’s amazing how cheap bed linen can be! I am conservative by nature, but am trying to branch out into sewing and wearing prints…not always successfully 😦

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