Fitting the Flowers

Flower is an upmarket women’s clothing chain here in Australia. Theoretically, I should like most of what they sell and I do like their styles and most of their colours, except they usually use synthetics  and therefore they are on the whole, a no-go shop for me. Having said that, I have tried on linen trousers by them and they looked nice but felt, well, very odd.

My body shape has changed a lot since I hit my forties and at first I thought the trouser fitting thing was to do with me, but I haven’t had issues with other labels and the following experience tells me it is more likely to be just Flower that doesn’t fit me…

Our local Red Cross shop sells unsold, last season stock from Country Road, Trenery, Tara Va and Flower. It is all brand-new, but out of season, the manufacturers tear the lables and give them to the Red Cross, a nice little earner for a worthwhile charity. If you are lucky, you can pick up some really nice, new stuff el-cheapo!

I saw these pants and thought yes please 🙂   Image They are Flower and are my size, so I thought, for $19 how could I go wrong? I bought them without trying them on, happy to have bought a pair of $129 pants for a song.

When I got home and tried them on, I was instantly disappointed 😦 They pulled in all the wrong places, I couldn’t do the top button without sucking it all in and worst of all was the very unattractive ‘camel toe’ at the crotch- erk!!! Being short, they were almost 15cm too long in the leg and that is what saved these pants for me.

I shortened them and used the excess in the legs to make a gusset which I inserted into the side seams.

I’ll admit that they look a bit rough on the inside and it did take a couple of minor adjustments to make them fit, but that is exactly what they do now…perfectly  download-1 download  🙂

3 thoughts on “Fitting the Flowers

  1. Thanks Shelley, what is really fantastic about the shop, is that one of the people who works there is a textile artist and sewer with a great eye for putting outfits together, she is really funky 🙂

  2. I’ve never thought of using the extra length on pants (there’s always extra length – my ass is wider than my legs are long) to create gussets. Thanks for the idea! I’m hoping to do some thrifting and this opens a whole new range of goodies for me. 🙂

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