One of my favourite shows as an Aussie teen

When I was 14, my friends and I would rush home off the school bus, to watch Flashez on TV.It was a show that seemed to be made just for us (and it was). It started as a local Perth production with Peter Holland as the host, then went national with Ray Burgess and the hunky Mike Mead as the comperes.

It covered somewhat controversial subjects like teenage drinking, but also included pop/rock/early punk star interviews, music film clips and lame jokes… it was fantastic and we all loved it.

This article covers an ABC (Australia) journalist’s quest to find original footage of the show, there are some on Youtube which I have enjoyed re-watching 36 years later.

It was the younger, racier version of Countdown, the other staple of Aussie teen viewing πŸ™‚

John Williams On Finding Flashez.

9 thoughts on “One of my favourite shows as an Aussie teen

      • With all the free-to-air channels out there nowadays pumping out re-runs I’m sure there’s space for a music show nostalgia night repeating the best bits from these goldies. Maybe we could start a petition… πŸ˜€

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