Ranting…that’s me!

Hmm, have to be careful here with my heading, as I would hate to have some horrible neo-fascists crashing this blog.

WARNING: this post could offend you and is NOT about sewing!

Last night I watched a programme outlining the difficulties that Gay people have in Russia. I couldn’t help but feel sad and also quite angry, Apparently, they are being targeted by hate groups and are subjected to public beatings and humiliation; all while being filmed (the vids are posted on YouTube apparently) and also watched by police. Indeed, on more than one occasion, the victims have been arrested for promoting homosexuality!!!! ūüė¶


Now let me clarify, I don’t know if my children are Gay, I think they might not be as we have pretty open conversations about issues and they know I am not judgemental and love them unconditionally… but, it must be very scarey for parents in countries where Gays are discriminated against. To love a child and to fear for them is a horrible thing.

I work in Research, I collect data on cytogenetics.

There are so many differences in genetic makeup, that the¬†thought that a person “chooses” to be Gay is a nonsense. Some of you will probably disagree with me and may choose not to read this any more- fine, nothing I can write will change a closed mind unless there is a¬†hunger to learn more. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I am not going to talk religion here and I will not engage in debate about Faith (which I have), just as my faith is my business, so everyone’s¬†sexuality is their own business. I just think that it is very sad that people cannot be themselves for fear of being targeted by ignoramuses with a hate agenda.

If you are anti-Gay but think there may be more to the story than what you think you know, there is a heap of literature on the Web which can explain it more eloquently than me and I encourage you to have a look at it.

Most of us¬†are here to live a good life with people we love, that’s it.



4 thoughts on “Ranting…that’s me!

  1. I was pretty low-key compared to how I was feeling. I find with this blogging lark, there is only so much I want to reveal as I know how comments can be misconstrued when taken out of context.

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