What is Love?

Crossroads come to all relationships. When friendships of circumstance (school Mums, student days etc) end, it is often a bit painful when they peter out, but we get on with our lives, after-all, that is life…right?

Relationships with a basis in love are ultimately much more painful to turn our backs on. I have a friend who didn’t seem to find it that difficult, she had been unhappy for a while and she is in essence a pragmatist; the marriage was over, done and dusted quite quickly and she moved on. Twenty years of a shared life gone in what appeared from the outside; a blink of an eye, a swipe of a pen.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE61Bz7IHKg (Gratuitous link to Howard Jones video- loved Howard in the 80s 🙂 )

My husband and I have been together for nearly 28 years. Most of it has been okay, some of it has been blissful and some of it has been very hard work. ImageA stinking hot day in February in 1988.

Both of us are committed to each other and our children.

Neither of us are prepared to let it go.Image

We are working hard at the moment and it isn’t easy, we both have our stresses and stressors. For both us, work has got in the way of us being there for each other.I know we can do this, we’ve been through worse and come out the other side feeling weary but happier and more trusting.Image

After-all, that is life…right?


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