Pants for Ant

My partner Ant wants me to make him a pair of work trousers, serious ones…wool, welt pockets, nice shape etc etc. It was a project I was intimidated just thinking about, so I thought I would make a toile, but make it as good as it can be… so a wearable pair of serious shorts as a dummy run for the good ones.

The pattern Ant came home with was this download. I like Kwik Sew. I think you get what you pay for because they are not cheap, the pattern paper is nice and robust, ready to stand up to anything! I especially liked the zipper fly instructions, clear and concise.

The toile shorts are made of unbleached calico, with some salutes to Paul Smith who often adds little pops of colour to his creations (he has a good blog too, found at . I used some quilting cotton that I had left over to make a few points of interest.

download-4 download-1 download-3

The double welt pocket at the back was just a little quirk that I added to make them look a bit less conventional 🙂

I am really happy with these shorts, the lined pockets at the front, the colour accents and the overall look is what I was going for and I think they work well; better still, Ant likes them too!

Next step is to cut into the expensive fabric that awaits for the truly serious pair…..

Oh and if like me, you are a visual learner and have been put off by welt pockets, this video makes it all soooo easy!

download-5 The finished shorts, my best ever make 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pants for Ant

  1. These look great! In fact, I wouldn’t mind a pair, they look really good.

    My hubby flat refuses to wear anything I make – but then again, most of what I make isn’t fit for ME to wear! LOL

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