Thankyou Jody Pearl :)

I have mentioned previously that I took classes with Jody Pearl Lange. Jody has the uncanny knack of taking a piece of clothing that is no longer useful and turning it into a new and lovely outfit. I have admired her work for as long as I’ve known about it.

Take a look at her blog and be inspired,

So, using Jody as inspiration, I took a fairly useless (never comfortable, worn about 5 times in 8 years), but beautiful linen skirt and turned it into a dress.

download-4                        download-3

For the TMS November challenge, I am making a pair of Japanese pants out of some lovely chambray-coloured linen, I used the leftovers of this to add  15 cm to the bottom hem and make a set of straps. The skirt was inverted and I cut off the waistband and pockets, sewed up the back slit and added the straps as one piece, two dyed mother-of-pearl buttons were added for interest at the front.

It was looking nice, but a bit plain, so using another bit of Jody inspiration, I made a doily and linen flower and added that to the left, lower front…voila!  download-5

My 19 year old son stated it looked like a “potato sack” and I told him I was okay with that. He did say though, that he thought the crocheted “thing” was good. My daughter and partner, both like it and I am wearing it today in 37 degrees, cool and crisp-mmmmm! download-1


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