Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

This was from the Daily Prompt recently and was an easy one to think about for me, so here goes:

I am 11, my friends Pippa and Debbie have decided they aren’t talking to me today and I know if I go the usual way home, they will jump out at some stage and try and beat me up, so I am going the other way home from school. Image

I am by myself, I don’t know any kids who walk this way home, but I’m okay; it’s summer, hot and I just want to get my hot school shoes off and have a cold drink. (I should note here, that the walk home was about a mile and I grew up in a sparsely-populated community in the Hills outside Perth in Western Australia; most homes were fairly isolated from each other and you could walk for a long time without seeing another soul).

I approached the top of the hill, it was a steep climb and I was tired; I noticed a car stopped on the same side of the road that I was walking. My Father grew up in the Netherlands during the War and we were taught Stranger Danger from an early age by him (makes me wonder what happened for him to do that), so I crossed over the other side of the road. There was a man inside the car and as I passed, I heard the door open and close. I picked up the pace as I heard footsteps behind me, I cut across a block of vacant land and started running, I heard the steps quicken….I broke into a sprint and ran like hell down Allestree Road, my heart was thumping in my chest and I could hardly breathe. Running, running, running…

I stopped when the dog that lived in the house half way down came out and started barking at me; which was more frightening, the dog (we hated each other), or the man who was chasing me? I looked behind me, to see the man at the top of the road looking down at me. He had stopped following me some time before.

When I got home, gasping for breath and sweating a river, I told my Mother what had happened. She told me not to be silly and take my shoes off before I come inside… back to everyday life !



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