Spilling the beans

I have just spent the last 15 minutes talking to a woman I barely know and ended up telling her stuff about my family that is none of her business. I do this occasionally and wonder why it happens…..???

It is really weird. I wonder if I put all these people together, there would be a common thread to them all. Perhaps a kind-looking face, an attentive demeanor, knowing when to say “hmm”; I would love to know what it is, so I can be aware and avoid the triggers.

I am not naturally sociable by nature. I am very comfortable with my own company and have often refused invitations with no plausible reason, except that socialising is hard work for me.

So why, do I occasionally spill the beans to strangers? Maybe it’s because nothing I say to them, will have an impact on me or my family; maybe the fact that they are strangers, makes them safe. If they judge me poorly, it doesn’t matter to me and will have no bearing on my life.

Does anyone else do this?


3 thoughts on “Spilling the beans

    • and what does it matter, anyway? You’ve offloaded a few woes to someone who appeared not to mind and more than likely you won’t ever see them again. I find they make me smile and I generally don’t regret speaking candidly occasionally to a stranger.

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