I want to ride my bicycle

…I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle , I want to ride it day and night…(thanks Queen).

Now that my daughter is on school holidays, I like to take the opportunity to ride my bike to work more often. It’s not an easy ride and we don’t have showers here at work; so it takes a bit of organization with face washers and changes of clothing and especially leaving home earlier.

The other day, I rode to work in the cool of the morning, it was lovely and I hardly raised a sweat, but going home was a different matter. The temperature had crept up to around 32 degrees, which, whilst not hot, did make the ride home a bit more of an effort.

There is little more inelegant, than an overweight, middle-aged woman coming off her bike at a busy intersection. The one thing I’ve learnt to do though is fall “better”. I was hot, a bit dry in the mouth and feeling tired. I rode up to the crossing at the intersection and I have no idea what happened, but I landed off the bike and onto my knees on very hot concrete -ouch! Up I sprang and tried to make it look as if nothing had happened (I needed to regain my dignity!), I picked up my wing mirror which had snapped off and got back on the bike. When I did get home I surveyed the damage, a couple of bruised, grazed knees and a whopper of a lump in the middle of my back (I think the handlebar kyboshed me as I was going down). bicycle-accident[1]   

I’m fine, but the lump on my back is now a bruise of impressive size and many colours, it is a bit sore at times.

I found out yesterday that one of the doctors where I work, was in a bad accident while he was riding, a woman came out from a side street and ploughed into him, he ended up in Intensive Care with some serious complications from a flail chest (very nasty), he is still on the mend, but campaigning madly to get road rules changed, so the bike rider is King of the road, as it is in the Netherlands… riding in Holland is such a joy 🙂 MOR-amsterdam-one-20120906113159772058-620x349[1]

Still, I love to ride my bike 🙂


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