Lovely Dress of Wonky Goodness

I’ll get to the wonky bit in a little while; meanwhile, here is my Bebe Dress all set for a hot and sunny Christmas Day ūüôā

This dress is so pretty, even my 15 year old thinks so and you know how picky teenage girls can be!photo-2
Not a particularly easy make however, it came together pretty straightforwardly and if I hadn’t wanted the contrasting trim it would have been a cinch, but I wanted to break up the muted green print with some bolder sage and thus turned the dress into a more challenging project.

Hiccoughs on the way: I baste all the things I’m pretty crap at (and thankfully so!), I had to unpick an inside-out sleeve and then a zipper that had been inserted¬†into the skirt, before adding the bodice- grr… one of my biggest foibles is speed reading the instructions and filling in the gaps (because, of course I KNOW everything about garment-making :P)

Okay, the wonky bit… I am hopeless at invisible zips. Now I’ve written it, does it mean I’m on my way to recovery? I don’t like clothes with invisible zips as I find they are a bit temperamental- I wonder if this clouds my thinking? I think a beautifully executed lapped-zipper looks classy, BUT, the pattern called for an invisible zip and here is my third (and final) attempt-zipper wonkiness in all it’s glory. If I have the time, I may unpick this at some stage and do a hand-picked zipper as shown by Susan Khalje in her Craftsy course, until then this wonky goodness is staying right where it is!

My challenge for¬†The Monthly Stitch in January, is to become familiar with and master my 1940’s Singer buttonholer ¬†which I bought on eBay¬† il_570xN.315210291[1], it goes on Valmae the 56 year old Singer 99K handcrank¬† I restored- wish me luck!

download-1To everyone reading this (and I know there is small handful), have a lovely time over the next few weeks, whatever your religious, spiritual or not anything persuasion. For me, Christmas is thanking God for his gift, being with Church friends, lunch with my family and a swim at the beach.

Jenn x

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