Ray Costarella, you beauty :)

Today Mum, Clare and I went to the Museum of Western Australia to see the Aurelio Costarella collection, part of the Frockstars exhibition.1474377_10201908014597012_543921516_n
All couture loveliness although because most of had been worn, some of the wear and tear was a bit unexpected.Also, a lot of the tulle was unfinished and the raw edges were a surprise to me. Aurelio “Ray” Costarella’s background is in architecture and his early designs took elements from building design (that was a long time ago), I love the fact that, even though he is an international superstar of fashion, he still calls Western Australia home and indeed has a workshop right here in North Perth.
The hand embroidery was exquisite on quite a few of the pieces…1525125_10201908027277329_1597275774_n 1530333_10201909428312354_1548962807_n
And this beauty really said, “Look at me!” 1555419_10201909420272153_354816851_n Oh to own such gorgeousness 🙂
The exhibition was found throughout the other permanent displays and was really worth the effort traipsing around the mammal gallery and the dinosaurs!
This dress by Michelle Jank took Clare’s fancy, but the pom pom dress behind it was a bit OTT for me 1506463_10201909430272403_1331516750_n
…and despite my resolution not to make anything this January, I have just downloaded my first Lekala pattern and am chomping at the bit to see whether all the measurements make for a fitting delight 🙂
Happy New Year Everyone!!!


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