Hits and Misses for 2013

These posts have popped up lately, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share my thoughts on some of my handmade projects for the last year.

FailsMy first and second Tiramisu dresses. I was so desperate to make this pattern that I bought just any old knit I could find. I was in South Australia on holiday when I found this fabric and trying prints was something I had endeavoured to do in 2013. The fabric is appalling, totally synthetic, scratchy at the edges, translucent with the sun behind me and way too fussy for me. TBH, they remind me of those awful Osti dresses from the early ’70s, ergh!bluetirafail
Additional Note- I have made two more Tiramisu and it is one of my go-to patterns for a comfortable yet (can be) dressy, dress. It is the fabric in these fails that let me down, not the pattern.

Clare’s Bikini. P1030209Too small, wrong fabric, she will never wear it, ’nuff said.

Clare’s Dress. dressfailclare Shame about this one, it turned out beautifully, but despite choosing the pattern it never really clicked with her. I took a lot of time over this dress and incorporated quite a few couture techniques, but she’s only worn it twice which constitutes a fail for me I s’pose.

Liza Pants. pantsfail Made as part of my sewing course, I wasted some beautiful rayon on a pair of basic pyjama pants, I do wear them, but strictly only around the house.

SuccessesI must be doing something right, as these outnumber the fails this year 🙂

The Burdastyle dropped waist dress I made for my Brother’s wedding. flappersuccess I feel so pretty in this delightful piece of froth! I just wish I had more high teas to go to, although I am wearing it more despite it’s formality.

Ant’s shorts (and their successor, formal work trousers- not blogged) antsshortssuccess These New Look shorts were a complete success! Ant wears them at every opportunity, despite them only being made of calico (remember, they were the toile of the long pants). He loves them and I learnt a lot making them.

Bebe Dress. photo-2 Love it, despite the zipper problems. No more to say about this one 🙂

1940’s Lingerie. lingeriesuccess] Despite the obvious modesty of these pieces, they have real “Wow” appeal. Everyone that has seen them (and there has been a lot of interest) thinks they are sexy and special. I feel that way when wearing them and I wear this ensemble about once a week. The combination is so comfortable that I am disinclined to buy another bra again (famous last words Jenn!) and of course, if I make more bras, I have to make more matching knickers!!!

Upcycle successes. There are quite a few of these this year, but I have singled two out that get worn a lot:
Firstly, the cardigan with the tie trim.cardiganupcycle[1] I was inspired by another girl in my sewing group who did this to an old jumper. The cardi is ancient, but well-loved and despite it’s age, I didn’t want to give it to charity just yet- Ant doesn’t wear ties for work anymore and has a huge collection which he has given me carte blanche to do with as I wish- this was the end result.
Secondly, one of two skirt suits that I added some girly frippery to and made them wearable, fun and pretty.girlyupcycle These suits (the other one is a light tan colour) were not a great purchase, the armscyes were too small and the the plainness of them made me look dowdy. With the addition of some ruffles and contrasting linen trim, I really enjoy them now and they are very comfortable.

Valmae the sewing machine download-3 I am so glad I took the time to renovate this machine, she is a beauty!
Well, this closes 2013 for me and although I know that in some ways, dates are arbitrary, I do hope 2014 is a good year for all of you x


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