I am officially on holidays…yay! It has felt to be a long time coming, 2013 seemed to flash by and yet it was a tough year in some ways; I am glad to kiss it goodbye 🙂
So, tomorrow I am boarding the 0730 bus to go down the coast to visit my dear Mum for a week and a bit (assuming she can stomach the thought). I am hoping for good chats, good reads, walks along the beach, sunny days geographe-bay-busselton and a bit of sewing to boot.

My projects include a pair of shorts for my 19 year old lad (who will not be coming as he has exams to study for), glueing and cutting a dress pattern from Lekala Patterns (a Russian company) and hopefully a bra and knicker set for me as my stocks are getting a tad low. I have just bought the Grace knicker pattern off the Craftsy website full_6593_51856_OhhhLulu1302GraceHipHuggerPanties_3, I think they look quite nice and I have some nice fabric for them.

I am reading The Gentleman’s Garden by Catherine Jinks and hope to finish it while I am away resized_9781865088853_224_297_FitSquare I am enjoying it very much. It is set in the early years of the British Colony in New South Wales and has made me think of the leaps and bounds we women have come in the last 200 years as regards our rights and our place in the world. The petty hierarchies and squabbles of polite society two centuries ago seem stifling to me, there is no romance there for me.

I will not be taking my IPad with me while I am away, just my smartphone; so in some ways it will be a little media diet for me. TBH I can’t wait; the compulsive nature of social media is draining at times and I really do have information overload a lot of the time. Most mornings it takes me over an hour to read the blogs I subscribe to and by that time I have lost the impetus to add to my own! So here is to some R and R for little old me, I leave you with a pic of the Busselton Jetty, a local landmark in my Mum’s town, seeya!


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