Summer Holiday Roundup

So today is the last day of my two weeks off work, The holidays have been lovely and TBH I don’t really want to resume my career (but living in the real world means I have to will).

I went to visit my Mum (partner and daughter follwed later) and we had a lovely time catching up with the goss’, op-shopping, reading and watching telly in companionable silence, in short being Mother and Daughter. Mum is fantastic for 83 (I hope I age as well as she has), although her driving was a little concerning at times (white knuckles on the dashboard) and her hearing is shot (hearing aids, a licence to print money!). She has a great sense of humour and is really nice to be with. I haven’t always appreciated her, but with age comes wisdom (hopefully) and the perceived wrongdoings of the past have just been recategorised under the heading, ‘we do what we have to do to get through’. I very much enjoyed my times walking on the clean, white beaches of Busselton, looking at birdlife securedownloadand watching the pippies burying themselves in the sand.



I made these securedownload-9and these securedownload-2in the two weeks, the latter for the February Challenge with the Monthly Stitch.

The knickers and bra came together  pretty quickly, it is the second bra I have made with Vera Venus’ 1940’s bra pattern and is every bit as comfortable as the first one I made. This one and it’s matching knickers (Oh Lulu) were made with remnants and the whole shebang cost about $2.50 in materials (I cheated and bought a bra back as sewing hooks and eyes nearly does my head in!).

The shorts were a little more problematic, the main reason being that my son wanted slimmer legs (a whole 10cm off each leg width) and, as he didn’t come to his Grandmother’s house, I had to alter them drastically when I returned home. I am pretty happy with them and the lad wants two more pairs in different fabrics :), that is a success in my book!


I read three, The Gentleman’s Garden resized_9781865088853_224_297_FitSquare which looked at injustice and the status of women in the early days of colonisation by the British in Australia. It was quite a good read, but was occasionally tedious as it was written in the vernacular (supposedly) of the day and the speech and mannerisms were quite stifling. Still, worthwhile if you like historical fiction.

The second one was Watercolours by Adrienne Ferreira watercolours1 a thoroughly enjoyable book (for me anyway). The story is set in a small town (in Australia) used to dealing with nature’s disasters like drought and flood, but also the long term effects of betrayal and love; all this built around the story of a little boy with a gift for art. I couldn’t devour the pages quickly enough.

Lastly I tackled a book called The Art Forger Shapiro_ArtForger_3D1 I can’t say I liked it much, my Mum lent it to me as she and I both love art and there are artists in the family. I thought it waded through the murky world of professional art forging with the enthusiasm of a farmer wading through muck, slowly. Even the little tidbits regarding adultery and deceit were pretty wordy and I soon lost interest. I skipped a bit and went to the end where it finished predictably. I have noticed it has received good reviews on fiction sites, but it didn’t reel me in.


Whoo Boy, this one is a cracker! I have just finished watching the German Mini Series Generation War Ganzseitiger Faxausdruck, for a precis take a look at this

Now I have already mentioned that my parents lived through WW2, more specifically, my Father lived in Holland during the Occupation and saw some terrible things, his eldest brother was in the Dutch Resistance and I have been very interested in the family and it’s experiences. Then finding out three years ago that my Opa and Uncle both spent part of the War in Mauthausen (concentration camp), has piqued my interest even more. The mini series Generation War looks at the period 1941 through to the immediate aftermath of the War, it is from the perspective of the main character, a young career soldier He is the narrator of the experiences of him and his four best friends, all of whom went on different paths through this terrible time in history. If you are happy to read subtitles and you have a fairly strong stomach, then this series is recommended by me 🙂

All in all, I have had a lovely time away from the stresses of the workplace, much as I enjoy my work and feel it makes a positive contribution to society, I had reached burn-out stage and really needed the break; these two weeks have re-energised me and fed my soul, thanks for reading x

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