Sewing stuff and style

I have been looking at the articles on wardrobe planning (most recently on– the wardrobe architect) and have been left with the question, what is my style?

The answer is not clear cut, my style depends very much on how I feel on a particular day, what I do know however, is that I have decided I like to wear pretty clothes. The definition of pretty is subjective however and depends upon whether or not I find something pretty. I have to feel that I am wearing something individual and lovely and whatever it is, it has to make me feel good wearing it.

At the moment, this is one of my favourite outfits Image, the pants are a linen/silk mix using a self-drafted pattern taken from my (old) favourite pair of trousers, the top is a Japanese voile, kimono-sleeved top I made as a mash-up of a couple of patterns and the bolero is fine Chinese cotton bought in an online sale. I love wearing this, but I have many different outfits, some casual, some formal that I love wearing too. I wonder at the boredom factor when doing wardrobe planning; the so-called staples I think would quickly lose their attraction for me if they were all my clothing collection was made up of.

My next project is a dress by Lekala Patterns (a Russian company that specialises in made-to-measure patterns), I have heard good things about them and I like this style Image (sorry about the focus). I have had this fabric in my stash for about a year Image, it is a gossamer-fine cotton in a print that makes me think of a type of Australian wildflower, the fluffy stuff is just a whimsical buy that I thought I would try on the neckline but I am not convinced it will work…any thoughts?

My Christmas present arrived while I was holidays and it is so cute. My husband has problems with gift-giving, he often has no idea what to get for people, so it is something I have taken over on his behalf. However, when he was having problems with what to give me, I decided to give him some help. The solution was a charm bracelet, with the option of buying a new charm if he can’t think of anything else (or I haven’t given him any hints), so here is the latest Image, sweet no?

Finally for this post, I wanted to share this lovely project off  , it’s from their Project Upcycle classImage I just need an old blue, wool jumper to make a version for me as a blue bag is on my want list. This orange felted bag was a cut above the rest and really got me interested in the class.

Well that’s it for now. I return to work today and feel less than inspired at the prospect, but know that things will be fine once I’m back with my colleagues doing the job I love 🙂


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