De-cluttering and a new project and a book

Last weekend I got down to de-cluttering my tiny office  everything room. I have a large bookcase that was crammed full of books going back over 30 years, most of which I was quite attached to. Anyway, my fabrics were stuffed in bags all over the room and I was tired of the bundles falling over, so it was time to tidy things. At the end of it all, my bookshelf is now filled with fabrics (colour matched), patterns in files, sewing books and magazines and finally Trude my Bernina. 148659_10202125408951735_1328109835_n    1025954_10202125415991911_1014608495_oThe books were sorted into keepers, charities and recycling and dealt with accordingly. The keepers have gone into a bookshelf in another room. I haven’t any before shots, but you can count yourselves lucky as the room was like something out of a hoarding programme:(

My latest make is Lekala 5820,  a yoked, princess line shift dress.  lekala dress patternOn the endorsement of Thornberry (, I thought I would give Lekala patterns a try. Well, if fitting issues are big for you (as they can be for me as I am short, short-waisted and built like a truck driver), then this pattern company is a must. No fitting issues, repeat…NO FITTING ISSUES…AT ALL! The dress fits like a glove, no adjustments needed to be made DSC_0401. The only thing for me is about me, I like to wear my clothes a bit looser; but I have been complimented on it and my daughter is now insisting I wear it to her Year 11 Formal “befores” party!!! That feels like a winner 🙂 DSC_0405 (close-up of neck yoke)

I am unsure what is happening at the back and wonder if any of you out there in blogland can tell me about the bunching at the waist DSC_0404??? The last thing I need to do is put in a hook and eye at the top of the zipper (my first hand-picked and now my method of choice for zipper insertions- thanks Susan Khalje!).

And finally…one of the things about clearing my shelves, is that I have reacquainted myself with books I haven’t seen in years. I have just finished reading Return to Auschwitz by Kitty Hart 782734. It was a harrowing read that I first bought about twenty years ago; I have a heap of Holocaust fiction and non-fiction and I’m not sure I can explain my almost-obsession with it; possibly having had pro-Semitic parents and a couple of Jewish boyfriends in the past and then of course, finding out about family in Mauthausen (concentration camp). Sometimes I wonder at my weirdness, but I think that history has tended to repeat itself when we remain ignorant of the mistakes of the past.


3 thoughts on “De-cluttering and a new project and a book

  1. So glad that you gave the Lekala pattern a go – I reckon the dress looks great! I suspect that the bunching at the waist might need what is commonly called a “swayback” alteration (whether you actually have a sway back or not) – it’s excess fabric in that area but best fixed at flat pattern stage. Make sure that you order the “high waist” option from Lekala if you are short waisted – that seems to help. Despite being drafted to our measurements, they’re still not completely perfect – but so, so, SO much closer to it than other patterns that I have tried! Love your fabric choice too.

    • Thanks! Yes, I was pleased with it but puzzled by the back. I fleetingly thought of the sway back, but dismissed it as I have a flat bum and a fairly rigid spine because of an old injury 🙂 Next time I will pull out my Threads fitting book and make the adjustments before putting scissors to fabric. I probably haven’t mentioned before how much I enjoy your blog and it was a bit of a tiny thrill seeing you on the ABC (I think) programme about a month ago… I remember thinking, ‘Oh wow,it’s Thornberry!’.

  2. Beautiful job jennyrecorder. I also love the fabric you chose. I believe you and I might have a very similar body type but mine is exacerbated by being in a wheelchair so ALL my clothing constantly rides upwards which is a real pain. I keep promising myself a wardrobe of clothes designed with this in mind, but am constantly side tracked by grandchildren requests!!! I agree with Thornberry that the pattern needs further adjusting as you mention you have a very flat back and the pattern is probably crafted with more curves in mind. Good luck and keep up the great sewing. 🙂

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