A busy weekend…

Not a terribly inspiring post this one, so if sewing is not on your interest list, I would exit now 🙂

This past weekend was a flurry of activity for me, mainly involving driving Clare to various places (grrr, when is her big brother going to get his licence…please?), sewing and cooking. The cooking happened because I just paid a couple of large bills and neglected to go shopping on Friday (as is my usual routine). There was little left in the way of food in the house, so out came my Mum’s old Golden Wattle cookbook and 4 dozen gingernut biscuits later I was glad I took the time to restore it (it was falling apart). Absolutely scrummy they were, to the extent that they are all gone today. I also made my stock cake stall cake, the Oily, Vanilla Custard cake, which always goes down well and indeed, this one has continued the trend (I’ll post the recipe if you’re interested).

I also made this little ensemble, Image My third Vera Venus vintage bra and my second pair of Oh Lulu knickers. I really like this look and considering they cost $2.50 for a bra back, a bit of elastic and some time, I am very pleased. The fabrics are all remnants in my stash. I am considering going the handmade lingerie route permanently as this pair of patterns fulfils my needs in this department.

Meanwhile, it is time to think of the March Challenge on the Monthly Stitch. It involves choosing three patterns and putting it to the vote of the other subscribers of the blog to choose the one I make for March. My problem is whittling the list down to three. Far, far too many to choose from and here they are:

Image from from The Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori, I love drop waist dresses (no surprises there).

Image from the same book, the classic Chanel-look jacket

Image Vera Venus’ Little Bias Dress (based on a 1930’s dress)

Image I am also a fan of cross-over tops and I like the hemline on this one

Image Thornberry (thornberry.wordpress.com) made a beautiful one of these for her Mum, I bought the pattern based on her efforts 🙂

Image Flat-fronted shorts, I have some lovely digital-print floral stretch woven for these, if I ever make them!

And finallyImage I would be happy to make either or both of these by Kay Whitt, the jacket is so cute and the skirt satisfies my lust for embellishment.

Any opinions peeps? I will whittle the collection down to three for posting on the Monthly Stitch in the next few days, any comments will be much appreciated, Ciao!


23 thoughts on “A busy weekend…

  1. Seeing as you’ve put up eight instead of three, I shall reply with two instead of one. LOL.

    I choose the Very Easy Vogue wrap top with the uneven hem, and the embellished skirt.

    ooh! An outfit! I didn’t realise that! LOL. Cool!

  2. Love your ‘smalls’ and I’d love to see the 30’s nightgown stay as it would compliment them beautifully 😉 Both Japanese options look like they’d fit in well too 😉

  3. My favorites are the Vogue 8402 top (I may have that in my stash somewhere…note to self, “go find it!”) and the Kay Whitt jacket (How cute is that?! Love it)

  4. I have to go with the dropped waist dress form Japanese sewing book pattern. It looks so pretty but great for everyday wear. Love the pretty underpinnings. I plan to tackle that task myself, like you said fabric requirements are minimum and I have so many pretty silk remnants.

  5. Thanks Everyone for your responses, I’m thinking that 27 votes is enough to give me an idea 🙂 the three that go forward to TMS March Challenge are (drum roll please Mr Music)…
    The knit Vogue top with uneven hemline
    The Kay Whitt jacket (the overwhelming winner here)
    The Kay Whitt skirt
    (Vera Venus’ LBD was equal with the top and the skirt and will definitely get made in the future)

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