Fabrics chosen

So this morning I went to IKEA and drooled over all their lovely textiles, but I had to stay focussed 🙂

The fabric I have chosen for the Parisian Jacket by Kay Whitt is a heavy, fairly coarse-woven cotton with this lovely peasant floral design. I think that I will be using interfacing on this project as I would like the shape of the jacket to be retained. I also thought the repetition in the pattern would make pattern matching easier, I will be doing this for the first time as I want this jacket to be smick!

photo-jacket fabric6             securedownload-4


The fabric I have chosen for Thornberry’s Lekala sew-a-long is this stunning 360 count cotton sheeting also from IKEA. The colour just grabbed me and it is soft and drapey. I have a mind to make a wide belt for the jacket in the same fabric, I think it will look just gorgeous over a pair of stark white cotton jeans.


On another tack, I have been trying to reread Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Something in Disguise.    $_35Unfortunately I just can’t get into it and as it is a very old book, it will be going to the book table charity collection at my local hospital.


5 thoughts on “Fabrics chosen

    • I recently made a shift dress from Lekala and the fit was (almost) perfect. The instructions are translated from Russian and are a bit sparse so I had to wing it a little, but I was very impressed with the company, give them a go (they are very cheap!).

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