Pattern Giveaway

Sorry that all the pics are back-to-front, that’s Photo Booth for you!

Four patterns, if you want one, some or all, drop me a line below. If one gets a few takers names will go into a hat 🙂 Any leftovers will be given to the local charity shop.

Vogue 8648, the pattern given out with Susan Khalje’s Craftsy class. This one is unused and intact as it was the wrong size. Photo 1043


Simplicity 9292, also intact. I loved boxy, short jackets, but at the time I bought this I wasn’t a sewer and was hoping my Mum would rise to the challenge…unfortunately not! Photo 1042

McCalls 2297, a 1980’s drop waist I don’t like much (and I usually love drop waisted dresses), a colleague gave this to me thinking I would be inspired. It is secondhand and has been used, but looks in good condition. Photo 1041

Finally, Simplicity 9781 Shirtwaist dress. I like shirtwaists, but they don’t like 161 cm, short waisted me 😦  Intact and never been used. Photo 1040

So that is it peeps. let me know if any of them appeal to you. I’ll close this on March 7th and announce the recipients then.




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