The Way It Was

 ImageThis is the title of a book I have just finished rereading and I enjoyed it as much the second time around. The wonderful thing about decluttering is that you find lovely stuff (including books) that you had forgotten existed 🙂

This book by Joyce Shiner, is her memoirs of the early years of her marriage in the early 1940s, working hard on a small farm outside of Perth at Bakers Hill. Now these days there is a not a lot at Bakers Hill, it is still lovely country but it has suffered a dwindling population as a lot of small country towns have done over the years.


Anyway, Joyce and her husband managed a farm for a wealthy family, the area was renowned for fruit orchards and grapevines and, at the time, was very close to the Northam Army Barracks (lots of manoevres in bare paddocks). The descriptions she gives of a life with little material comfort, but a philosophy of hard work and making the best of what you’ve got, meant that life was good for Joyce and her family. I read this and wistfully wished that my complicated and ridiculoulsy busy life had a few less expectations (I am sure I am not unique with this thought).

I do like a good biography and this one, being written by the main player, was spoken in the vernacular of tthe ime, it was an enjoyable trip into a simpler, less politically correct era. My next read will be also a memoir, but this time written by an indigenous woman of similar age to Joyce. I know I will cry, as I did the first time around.


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