Three things that work for me

I’ve been reading other people’s tips for sewing rooms and thought I would add my two bobs worth 🙂

I have been known to use a needle so long that it has snapped and the point has ended up in my cheek (facial!), so these days I am much more conservative and dispose of them after the recommended 8 hours of usage. To keep track of this, I use a small post-it note to tell me the type of needle, the size and how long it has been used for. I stick it on top of my sewing machine before I put the cover on.  Image

Disposing of blunt and bent needles and pins, I use an old herb or spice bottle. The holes at the top reduce the risk of the needles etc falling out and when the jar is full it goes in the bin.  Image

Pins are the bane of my sewing. I have two pin cushions and a magnetic wrist pin collector and still they end up on the floor, or on my chair, or under the machine, or…or… grrr! This folded fridge magnet works a treat.  ImageWe all want more advertising on our fridges, right? Noooooo! What to do with those pesky things? This is a big calendar magnet, folded in half and put on my machine keeps all my pins handy and still, (only works if your machine is metal obviously!)  Image


5 thoughts on “Three things that work for me

  1. Magnets for pins are good, but not so good for the electronics on programmable machines. I have pincushions everywhere too. I use glass headed pins to make them easier to find & press over.

  2. Oh right, good point about the computerised machines. Hear that peeps, NO MAGNETS on computerised machines !!! My three are all mechanical so the magnets are not a problem 🙂

  3. I didn’t know that it is recommended to only use needles for 8 hours! I’ve been popping used ones back in with others of their size when I’m changing to a different size (so far I’ve only changed once due to an obviously bent needle – size 100 wasn’t even enough for that job!). I’ll have to start a similar record! thank you for pointing this out 🙂

  4. Terrific tips, thanks Jenn! I love the post-it note idea, that rocks!

    For my old machine needles, I use a needle case (the one the new needles come in.) I mark it as OLD NEEDLES with an indelible marker and then put my needles into it as I use them. When it’s full, I tape it closed and throw it out. However, I read somewhere that you can add needles to metal recycling, although there’s some rules about sharps that may K.O. that idea!

    TBH, though, I’m really bad about changing needles, so I am going to get me some post-it notes!

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