March Challenge- the Parisian Jacket

So everyone voted and the Parisian Jacket by Kay Whitt won, second was the Vogue Top (which I will definitely make at some time in the future) and third was the Embellished Skirt (also a cert for me in the future). DSC_0432 [No sleeves yet]

I am on a week’s leave atm, trying to destress (but that ain’t happening). So much happening, sick daughter, morose son and slightly injured Mother visiting, all a bit much, but I have managed to make a start on the jacket.

I mentioned previously that I was going to attempt pattern matching for the first time…whoo boy, with an 8cm repeat, I did not choose the best fabric to try it! DSC_0434 [Front panels]

DSC_0436 [Tabs (all with flowers centred)]

Suffice to say, my attempt has been a bit pathetic, but I still think the end result will be very pretty 🙂 To do the failed pattern matching, I have topstitched the entire garment so far, I won’t do this for the sleeves as I think it will be almost impossible to get anywhere near a match at the seams. Talking of sleeves, I am going to have to extend the width at the top of the raglan bit as the jacket won’t fit me…all that Germanic heritage or maybe Kay Whitt just draws patterns for wraithlike women (I think it is probably more likely the former 🙂  )



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