Kay Whitt the wunderkind :)

My jacket is finished..yay! Image (not ironed in this pic, sorry).

The problems I had making it were completely of my own making and caused by it being my first attempt at pattern-matching (less said about that the better), anyway, I sorted them out and am very happy with the final result.

I kept the original tabs, all centred with the little flower and with royal blue buttons. I was worried the buttons would be overwhelmed by the pattern, but again I am happy I stuck to my original plan. Image Image

I haven’t used my overlocker for over a year (just went “off” the finish), but threaded it up and the inside came up beautifully 🙂 Image

Here I am with blue jeans and white jeans, the main items I will wear with this piece of clothing…

Image  Image

Because the fabric is pretty heavy, when handsewing, I used my thimble (which I have rarely used enough to get accomplished, much to my Mother’s chagrin), I think I am a thimble convert! Image It is especially useful, as I use open-ended needles made for people with eyesight problems, they are a godsend as they need no traditional threading, the thread is literally pulled down over the top and clicks into position. Image Sorry about the blurriness, it was the best I could do with the camera ‘phone 🙂

8 thoughts on “Kay Whitt the wunderkind :)

    • Thanks Toni, I prefer the white, but my partner this morning told me he didn’t like the jacket…at all! Good thing I dress to please myself! Also, I need your address to send the Vogue pattern to, email me?

    • Thanks, very kind. Kay Whitt’s patterns are really cute and her instructions are very clear most of the time. The jacket itself was not difficult and putting it together was a logical process:)

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