Burda blouse? The jury is OUT!

Yep, not really enamoured with this one 😦 It is the blouse from Burdastyle Magazine, 09/2012. I needed a blouse for work and the weekend was looking quiet, so I thought, “why not?” Image

Well, Burda is usually BIG on me, I have had to chop bits off here and there in the past, but not this time. I measured and drew up a size 42 only to find that my bust was bigger, my tummy was bigger and my hips were bigger…when did that happen I asked myself? I knew the sleeves were going to be a problem, so I had already sewn up a decorative insert for them Image little realising that I would need it for the rest of the blouse as well. In retrospect, I probably should have started from scratch, grading up where I needed to instead of inserting the decorative placket  Image and making the job twice as hard. The blouse is okay, it will never be a favourite, but it works…just. Because the front gapes, I feel quite exposed at times, even though it’s only me that can see down it. Image I’m pleased with the sleeves, they are comfortable and look nice, but the rest? Meh!


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