My Town

This is my town (well, it’s really a small city), Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

Over the years, developers have done their best to destroy the older bits of Perth and during the eighties it was looking pretty dire. We had a mining boom and a property boom and we won the America’s Cup and… and… and… well it was pretty bad there for a while. The city went into a bit of a decline and started looking pretty seedy, it had a bit of a rough element and things were just YUK.

Then, a new Lord Mayor was elected. Image Lisa Scaffidi has been wonderful for Perth, innovative, forward-thinking, a real breath of fresh air after all the boys club Mayors (and she’s an alumna of my old school 🙂 ).

So, while I was commuting to work this morning, I took a few pics with my trusty smartphone and I was happy to see that we still have a number of really nice old buildings in the city and some funky back alleys and in-filled spaces, here are a few of my shots:

Image Image the old technical school

Image Image front and back of the original Perth Boys School

Image the front facade (all that is left) of the Palace Hotel- a sore point for many Western Australians was the demolition of the rest of this beautiful building to make way for a skyscraper

Image the Queens Buildings on the corner of William and Hay Streets

Image The Wellington Hotel, returned to it’s former glory with lacework and a lick of paint

Image the old Globe Hotel (which was left to languish as a backpackers hostel until refurbished a few years ago) down it’s side alleyway there is an interesting courtyard of eateries and urban art projects Image Image

There are actually a lot more lovely buildings to see, these were just a few on my walk between changing buses this morning.

If you are interested this site has more pics

I will finishe with a pic of the newest (and my opinion quite gorgeous) building in the CBD, the BHP Billiton tower on St Georges Terrace, the pic doesn’t do it justice from this angle (it’s behind the boring brown one), but it is a beauty (yes, I like modern architecture too!) Image


One thought on “My Town

  1. Hi Jenny! So lovely meeting you today! Thank you for reminding us of the beautiful character side of Perth. Sometimes it’s so easy to rush around and miss all the beauty around you! I really should go on one of those heritage tours even though I’ve been living here for 5 years. I’m sure there is so much left to discover!

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