Thoughts on driving, a “necessary evil”

I drive a very nice car. People tell me it is a very nice car and I know that it fits that description, there really is only one problem with it…it is a car.Image (same model, not mine) Apparently it cost $136,000 new; but I would NEVER spend that much money on a vehicle (who would?). I have never owned a new car.

Cars for me are not an emotional subject. I have driven quite a few over the years and if they got me from A to B, I was happy. Driving to me is not a joyous thing to do, I can do it and that suits me. I have had a couple of minor scrapes, but nothing major in my 32 years of being behind the wheel.

I used to do a lot of driving in a previous occupation (I was a community palliative care nurse), it was essential to cover the vast distances that were involved and to get to a client/patient as quickly as possible. I do not miss driving as part of my work, some of the roads I was driving on seemed to be filled with “hoons” with a death-wish!

There are so many other things I would rather do than drive and lately my car has become the least preferred way of getting me to my workplace. The local council where my work is situated has just made most available parking 2 or 3 hourly! I absolutely refuse to get out of the office 3 times a day to shift my car, but I also do not want  a $90 parking fine. So lately I have been assessing my options (cycle, bus, train, walk) and the most logical seems to be walking and catching the train Image…I love train travel 🙂 Also, with the 50 minutes of extra exercise I will be getting 4 days a week, I am hoping to shed a few kilos and get my fitness up a bit, it’s a win-win situation, I save money and get fit 🙂

Do you have a preferred way of getting places apart from driving?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on driving, a “necessary evil”

    • Oh yes, I love cycling. The only problem is how to clean up at the other end, I have cycled to work, but the hills make it a sweaty business and the facilities at work are rather rudimentary.

      • An electric bike would solve all that! I had one for 3 years before it was stolen and LOVED her. Got me to work and back in 2/3 the time would take to drive and 1/2 the time it would take by public transport. Also, no sweat (unless you want to!)

  1. I would love an electric bike Kat, I’ve been looking at conversions for some time, can’t ditch my bike (it was a present from my husband!), just need a spare $1200 and a handy person to fit it.

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