Weekend Sewing

I have been waiting for this weekend as I am looking forward to making The Monthly Stitch”s April Challenge, double of one of my favourite patterns. I bought this fabric remnant  DSC_0495 from Knitwit in Nedlands about a year ago, it is a digital print, stretch woven cotton sateen. The print is so busy it is mindboggling! So I got 1.5m for $15 (about a third of the price), I was happy and knew what I wanted to do with it. Okay, it has taken the April Challenge to actually motivate me, but the intention was there 😉
I am making my second pair of StylelArc Wendy trousers, a lovely pattern with a brilliant fit.download_large I made them about a year ago and was very happy with them. I washed the fabric this afternoon and think this time, I may not have enough for full length trousers, so I am thinking a pair of capris with tapered legs…watch this space!

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