Beauty in the built environment

Can a hospital be a thing of beauty?

From the 1940’s to the 1990’s they certainly were not. The hospital where I work (a large part built in the 1930’s) has a lovely Art Deco entrance and  Image some lovely art deco touches like curved balustrades and terrazzo bathrooms) Image, but this building is not the norm in hospital architecture in Perth.

Anyway, in the course of my work I visit another hospital most weeks, it has had a lot of building works done and still in progress. Our new children’s hospital is building is being built on the site which has necessitated a lot of work in other areas.


Image Gardens for staff, visitors and patients

I’m pleased that the function-only buildings of the 1980’s seem to be a thing of the past and aesthetics are playing a big part in  modern hospital design. There will always people who consider the addition of beauty to infrastructure is a waste of money, but I believe that to gaze upon a thing of beauty (no matter how mundane) can only be for the better. There are also people who will not agree with me that these buildings are beautiful, each to their own is a phrase that comes to mind!

Image I work in this gorgeous building, unsurprisingly blood is dealt with in here!


Image Oncology (cancer) centre

Image Staff and visitors car parking (complete with artwork)

Now I know that styles come and go, so I am finishing with this cracker. My Dad worked for a while on the building of this wing (the original hospital) built in the mid 1950’s. I am sure at the time, that someone thought it was lovely, but I look at it and am left wondering what were they thinking?!  Image



2 thoughts on “Beauty in the built environment

  1. The same thing is happening here in Brisbane Jenny. Many of the 80’s government offices and hospitals are being bulldozed and being replaced with modern and more pleasing to the eye structures.

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