A buzzing Saturday afternoon in Freo

Lovely friends dropped by yesterday and invited DD and me to Fremantle for the afternoon.

Freo is our port city here in the West and I love it – to visit. I lived here for 3 years in the ’80s and the wind was forever messing with my carefully constructed ’80s hair- it drove me wild! But I do love to visit, it has such a buzz and when the Markets are open, it feels like every culture on earth is represented here.

The buildings are something else, a lot were constructed using local limestone and show amazing weathering, some were built by convicts in the 1840s, some are older, a lot were built during the boom times of the late 1800s.

Without further ado, here are my phone pics for your perusal 🙂

Image Outside the Markets, quite tame compared with what is found inside!

Image Numbat mural opposite the Markets. The Numbat is Western Australia’s faunal emblem and a real treasure. My nephews from the Netherlands thought they looked like squirrels, but these are not common-all-garden animals. They are marsupials, perfectly adapted to forest living and they eat insects, but their favourites are termites (and we have a lot of them here!).

Image   Image These two buildings are example of the “blood and bandages” decorative brickwork that arose out of the Great War, it is associated with a small window of history here from around 1901 to before 1920,  it is known as the Federation architectural style (Australia became a Federation of states and territories in 1901), elsewhere it is called Edwardian (after Edward V11). My home is Federation blood and bandages, sounds gruesome doesn’t it?

Image South Terrace, aka the cafe strip, a foodie’s delight and always busy.

Image  Image Boom time architecture. Two hotels that have been extensively renovated to their former glory; I don’t know their individual histories, but hotels in this style can be found all across Australia. The wrought iron lacework, decorative brickwork and rooftop gables all scream to me, gold prospectors paying for rounds with nuggets thrown on the bar (“the drinks are on me boys!”).

Image The beautiful ceiling of Kakulas Sister in South Terrace. The Kakulas Family is a well-respected Greek family with a long history in Western Australia and some of the family went into retail. There are a few shops, the most well known being Kakulas Brothers in Northbridge (Perth). The shops sell everything continental that is food and the atmosphere is fantastic. Huge sacks of pulses, big rounds of cheeses, saurkraut (how to choose when there are so many kinds), coffee, chocolate and everything else  in between…heaven on a stick!…mmmm.

Finally, I finish with a building that has seen better days, I remember it being a clothing shop. Hopefully, it will have a developer benefactor, who will see it’s potential and bring it back like it’s neighbours. Image


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