An Award…who me?

I am humbled by Kat who has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Image

I have been following her for ages by email and have found her hints and the process of her sewing interesting and sometimes inspirational- thanks Kat!

Not sure what I have done to deserve this mind you, my blog has morphed into a set of self-indulgent ramblings over the months I have been posting, it is no longer totally sewing-orientated and instead basically encompasses anything that interests me at the time 🙂

The origins of the Award were researched by another blogger and you can read her findings here

Anyway, here goes with Kat’s questions…..

1.   Do you talk to yourself when you sew? Well yes, but the most common words you will hear are “Argh, you idiot Jennifer!”

2.  If a genie popped out of your sewing machine to grant you ONE sewing wish, what would it be? I have my own sewing space, but it is tiny and my wish would be for a bigger space with integrated cutting table and ironing board and room for Sylvia my dummy.

3.  What’s the one sewing gift you’d like to receive from your partner/friend/family this coming Christmas? Hmmm, times are tight at the moment, I think an amount of money to spend on fabric and tools and a day with Jody Lange (past sewing teacher).

4. Do you sew more with Big 4 or Indie patterns and why? Indie patterns because the paper is usually more robust, the instructions are more detailed and I like to support small business 🙂

5.  What’s the longest amount of *continuous* time you’ve spent in your sewing room?  What were you working on? My dress for my brother’s wedding took a very long time, I think about 40 hours all up and I spent solid days in my sewing room working on it, it is on my burdastyle page

6.  Has a sewing project ever made you cry?  If so, which one? Not cry, but I haven’t been happy with a few projects. When I was just starting out, I did Susan Khalje’s Couture Dress on Craftsy, but was impatient and botched a few things, I need to go back and make quite a few modifications.

7.  What percentage of your wardrobe is hand made? I’m probably nudging around 75% for the major pieces 🙂

8.  If you were given 1 hour to spend with a sewing or designing mentor, who would it be? Oh puleeze, an hour with Susan Khalje in person would be magic!!!

9.  Describe your aesthetic in three words Quirky, slightly weird.

10.  Cat or dog? Despite all the extra effort, dog wins this one.

11.  What’s your favourite season for sewing clothes for? The transitional seasons, when new stuff comes in and I get excited;)

So, the next step is to nominate bloggers, the limit of 3000 followers was a bit difficult to ascertain and I’m sure a couple of these have more (they are soooo good!).I want to pass on the Award to the following and here goes:

Chris at

Jody at

Anne at

Mariska at

CanalRat at

Rebecca at

They are an eclectic mix, so go and check them out if you don’t know them!

Questions to get to know them better:

1     What is one of the best things about where you live?

2     Town or country and why?

3     Favourite mode of transport (not necessarily the most efficient)?

4     What is your workplace like (paid or unpaid, doesn’t matter)?

6     Favourite season and why?

7     Favourite technology or gadget (doesn’t have to be contemporary)?

8     Favourite social media platform?

9     Any not-so-secret vices?

10    Vintage or modern, which is best for you?

11    Slow food or convenient, which wins in your household?

So that’s it for me, thanks Kat for nominating me, it has been an interesting exercise 🙂









2 thoughts on “An Award…who me?

  1. YAY! Thanks for accepting and participating! I nominated you because I really like your blog and seeing all your makes. The best part is learning a bit more about your sewing friends. Hmmmmmm…it would be cool to get all us Perth sewing bloggers together at some point!

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