The boredom of black

When I left clinical nursing behind, I was looking forward to being out of a uniform. Twenty-five years in various nurses uniforms had taken it’s toll and I was looking to expressing some individuality.

Well, thank goodness I ended up in research! The idea of wearing corporate-wear every day of the week gives me (as my dear Dad used to say) the dry horrors. All that black-ergh womens_business_clothing1

If you have been following this blog,  you can see, I am not a huge fan of black, I much prefer to wear colour and find black drains my appearance so I look tired and old. Although I still work in research, I am periodically called upon to liaise with stakeholders and do need to have some sort of corporate workwear. I tend toward navy for most of it, but I do have a black coat which gets dragged out on cold mornings. Most of the time I feel drab in it and I don’t like the way it shows any fluff that I’ve picked up; I have told myself for the last 5 years that I must do something to brighten it up. I bought a set of ska-inspired check buttons last year, but they have languished in my button jar and not been put to use check buttons but on Saturday, whilst looking for fabric for a Tarzan-themed party (!), I chanced upon a 2m remnant of Chinese silk brocade for $10 at Textile Traders. It is gorgeous and I thought just the thing for brightening up my drab, black coat. I couldn’t wait to get home and start the process 🙂

I made a new collar based on the existing one, lined it and sewed it over the top; the long edges are bound in the silk and I intend doing the same at the ends of the sleeves as they are starting to look a bit shabby. DSC_0703 DSC_0705 DSC_0704

The effect is luxurious and exotic and gave rise to several positive comments this morning.


9 thoughts on “The boredom of black

  1. What a gorgeous idea Jenny. Your black coat looks great now. I am with you on black clothes as I think they are boring and really don’t suit my complexion or personality. I like bright best.

  2. I’ve used to think that people who wear black (mostly) have no imagination or self confidence. Then I moved to Melbourne! Now I just find it boring.
    Unlike your coat which is lovely.

  3. Looks much better now, Jenny. I found this as well whenever I used to take the bus into the city on a weekday morning – everyone’s wearing the same thing!

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