They come in threes…

It’s been a while I know, life has been busy; so this one is just an opportunistic filler.

At 3.00 am this morning my husband rolled over in bed and the bed collapsed (with a loud bang to boot). He made a comment, rolled over again and went back to sleep. I however, have been awake since around 3.00 am. Lying in our broken bed, I thought, “this is ridiculous, I should get up, have breakfast and go to work early”, but I procrastinated and it was around 4.30 when I did eventually get up (hey, it’s winter and coooold). I ate, got dressed and went out to my car…which has a flat battery. I have been away visiting my Mum and apparently my husband knew the battery was flat a few days ago, but now it is my job to sort it out (grrr). I thought, ‘okay, my car has a flat battery, but I’ll take (my son’s) car…wrong! My husband played around with the fuses a couple of weeks ago and the brake lights stopped working (correct- the playing with the fuses, caused the brake lights to not work), this was to be sorted while I was away. Not done, so I couldn’t drive that car either (the grrrs are getting louder). My husband said, that he would take me to work (okay, that was nice of him)… I arrived about 1 1/2 hours after I intended to get here- Unhappy-rage-face[1]

I should have taken the bus 😦


3 thoughts on “They come in threes…

  1. Oh well. You’re done now. That was three! I was visiting my parents once overnight, with my husband, and the bed broke in the middle of the night – a loud bang and we were scared to move in case the floor collapsed next! They still talk of the time that us “newlyweds” came to visit and broke their guest bed! I still protest that it wasn’t like that at all !!!

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