It’s a foodie revolt

My name is Jenn…and I am not a foodie. Do I need behaviour-modification therapy, are there twelve steps I need to follow to change this ???

I may have been one once, but after 26 years of cooking dinners for family I can’t remember if I was harassed housewife

I am sick of foodies, both my brothers are foodies and don’t they revel in my non-foodiness! The sly digs about my underpreparation (is that a word?) for dinners and teas really gets on my goat. I have the foodie equipment, but I really cannot be bothered using it past the basic functions (I don’t however, have a Thermomix and I will NEVER have one), there are so many things I would rather be doing than spending hours in the kitchen. I’ve done the slow food thing and watched hours of prep. disappear down people’s throats in minutes- it’s not worth it!

My husband would like to think he is a foodie, but honestly, he will eat almost anything and presentation matters little to him when he is serving.

I think this whole business of foodies is a big w..k.

Sure, I enjoy food as much as the next person, but really; waxing lyrical and exchanging recipes is not for me. I guess my Dutch heritage is to blame for this, the work is more important than the eating that disrupts it (it’s a skewed logic, I know!) dutch lunch [Dutch lunch]

I think “Foodiness” is an excuse to overeat. What is wrong with a nice piece of cake and a cuppa at afternoon tea?  tea and cake

I went to my little brother’s house for tea on Sunday, as well as strawberry chocolate cake, there were carrot cupcakes, a large platter of savouries, beer, wine, tea and coffee- all for 6 people! Smells like gluttony to me.

Food%20Snob [My brothers’ next presents]


The Food Grinch.

4 thoughts on “It’s a foodie revolt

  1. I’m a foodie! I cook because I love to see my family and friends gather together to share laughter and stories. Food is so primal and sharing it so much a part of our, not only culture, but evolution. Perhaps in times of plenty, thinking about food seems self-indulgent, but for most of history, an obsession with food was because there probably wasn’t enough, and a lot of thought went into how to make a little go a long way. I think the problem is fundamentalism — foodie or otherwise. I don’t expect everyone to share my philosophy, my interest in recipes or techniques, or the “Foodie” lens through which I see the world. I dislike anyone who tries to put that burden on others (whether it is about food, politics, religion, fitness, or musical taste.) Cheers, Su

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