Warning: unashamed bragfest

My baby is back …and I am so happy:)

Three weeks of living in a male-dominated household in the middle of winter (everything is worse at night and in winter I think) had sent me into a tailspin and I was missing her so very, very much.

This is the first time we have been apart for more than a week and I felt every day of it.

She and her school friends have returned triumphant from Venice, Vienna, Riga and Montreaux- they are a group of very talented girls and were accompanied by very dedicated staff from school. Three silver medals from the World Choir Games CforC-3[1](these are two of them), a second place in the Summa Cum Laude Festival image1[1], singing in St Mark’s Basilica in Venice 20140702_173314[1](rehearsal in the Square prior to singing in the Basilica) and playing at the Montreaux Jazz Festival 20140715_133221[1]…what a trip it has been for them.

I remember going to an art gallery when I was in school!


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4 thoughts on “Warning: unashamed bragfest

  1. I know, school trips have certainly become more sophisticated. It was a long way from Oz and my girl doesn’t cope with long-haul flights well, but she was with friends and managed to recover quickly 🙂

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