Walking, plants and other stuff…

As part of my commitment to myself to be more active and also because the parking at my workplace has decreased around 90%, I am commuting by public transport around 4 days a week. On Fridays however, I drive my daughter to school for a 0645 start and then drive on to work, arriving around 0700. The parking is still a problem, even at that time of the day, but I park about 1km away and walk. The walking/cycling path is just lovely at this time of the year, all the wildflowers are starting to bloom and it is a pleasant, albeit cold stroll to the airconditioned office.

download Daglish path 2 a coral tree peeps through. wattlewattle blooms ?grevillea I think this is a grevillea, but I’m not sure bottlebrushbottlebrush

As an aside, this is what my lovely girl brought back for me from her travels

amber from Latvia amber from Latvia (and it is full of bits!)

And I just love this outfit for spring from Sass and Bide

Sass and Bide mmm soooooo yummy!


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