An experiment in bra-making

I have made a few bras previously front securedownload-9 P1030401 all in woven fabrics (which Vera Venus 1940’s bra calls for)

But I like to wear knits too and the seams on these bras make for a pretty ugly look under a tee shirt, so….I thought I would have a go at making a modified version in cotton jersey. The fabric was from a skivvie with 4 way stretch which I sacrified for this project (really, just aiming for a wearable toile).

So, I fused Vera Venus’ pattern to reduce the seam lines reduced the sizing by 1cm all around and proceeded to make it up. DSC_0831 This is the first attempt without any tweaks; there is only one row of elastic at the bottom edge so it wasn’t firm enough and there was gaping under the arm (not visible here), the darts are not great but are a leftover from the original pattern (they were one of the seam lines), so another row of elastic, some more sewing and trimming excess fabric ensued. I was happy with the fit (although the commercially-made bra back is a bit irritating), but it desperately needed prettying-up. A bit of lace poached from an old vest (well past it’s use-by-date) and a touch of ribbon and here it is DSC_0836DSC_0837(sorry about the blurriness). I wore it all day yesterday and it certainly stood up well. Next time, I will make it in a firmer fabric and do something (what???) with the darts 🙂 So nice to make a bra that fits and doesn’t cost a bomb.

As an aside, can anybody suggest what I can to this?  DSC_0835 It cost $4 from the Uniting Church Op-Shop in Dunsborough (free plug- it’s a fantastic store). It is a beautiful Indian cotton voile, but there is just waaaay too much of it. I wore it last summer and sweated horribly. I want to do something a bit more stylish than just taking off the sleeves, so, suggestions anyone?

It is a beautiful Spring-ish day here in Perth, the sun is shining and I feel energised 🙂 I hope you all get the chance to have a lovely Sunday wherever you are x

5 thoughts on “An experiment in bra-making

  1. Good on your for making your bra! I completely agree with you about the cost of such things. I went to Simone Perele at Harbour Town the other day and found a pair of ‘invisible’ undies (NO finishing on the legs or anywhere, just die cut and sewn up the sides) for $20 ON SALE! Now, I’d happily pay this if it meant the workers got a fair wage, but we know that’s not the case. I think I’ll make my own thank you very much 🙂 Love the dress…perhaps it could live as a maxi? That print is amazing. Thanks for the op shop tip too.

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