Springtime in the back garden

I cannot keep up with the weeds and I am drowning in nasturtiums. editedbackgarden1.jpg DSC_0879 self-sown tomatoes are fruiting prolifically

The bees are everywhere (and so, I need my Epipen with me) backgardenedit2.jpg   DSC_0882-EFFECTS Pelargoniums also like this weather

The grasshoppers are nearly ready to leave now they have their adult wings grasshopperedit.jpg (this beauty is about 8cm long)

The smells are wonderful  fairygardenedit.jpg the blue star flowers smell like garlic DSC_0881 cumquat flowers- yum!

Hey chooks, stop eating real food and eat the weeds!!!

DSC_0877   DSC_0883 hot pink kalanchoe always cheers me



The birds are gathering material and calling to each other

I want to be out there!!!


2 thoughts on “Springtime in the back garden

  1. Love your garden piccies! I too am drowning in Nasturtiums – I *had* to huge ornamental pots in the garden and I can barely see them!! Unfortunatly the caterpillars are also in full force and are systematically defoliating my brussle sprouts. Some squishing is in order today, I reckon.

  2. I have a few furry bear caterpillars atm, not too many though, but I have just laid baits for the rats (aaaaaagh) and I think I am going to have to resort to an herbicide 😦 I think if I pulled 1000 weeds a day, I still would not keep up.

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