Holiday at Mum’s Place 2

Whilst visiting Mum, my daughter asked if we could go down to the South Coast to the Treetop Walk near Walpole. (You can read about it here

Initially she wanted to camp overnight (big intake of breath), but decided against it because the weather was a bit dodgy (thankyou God!), seeing as it was going to be a day trip, Mum joined us. Overall, it was 7 1/2 hours of driving and made for a very long day, but it was through lovely country and on the whole, it was nice 🙂

We stopped in the small town of Nannup for morning tea (vanilla slices and apple turnover, mmm), the weather was cool and a bit drizzly at times morning tea in nannup

Nannup is a pretty town on the Blackwood River, this is the Hotel, a gorgeous example of Aussie Pub architecture Nannup hotel in the foreground is the bowls club, a common site in country towns across Oz. The use of corrugated iron as a building material was pretty common way back when (and is enjoying a resurgence in the form of low-profile or mini-orb styles), this antiques shop really just looks like a tarted-up shed! nannup antiques Much as I would have liked to go in, we had another 2+ hours of driving just to get to where we were going, so time was of the essence- no antiques-browsing on this trip.

When we arrived at the Walk, the parking lot was pretty quiet, a few Japanese tourists, a German couple and the rest were mainly school children. The standouts, were a mixed group of people from Kalgoorlie

( walking the Bibbulman Track from south to north- they had come a long way and had a looong way to go! The track takes about 7 weeks to walk in it’s entirety and you can find out more about it here

But we were here to do the Treetop Walk and look at the Tingle Forest. The clouds cleared and the sun shone while we were 40 m up in the branches- it was magic

tree top walk  barre at 40m up! (um, Clare that is not a barre!)  trre top view through to the Porongorups I think that line of low mountains (well, Western Australia’s version of mountains anyway) is the Porongorups. The views were beautiful and there were some lovely Splendid Wrens (which move too quickly to get a decent pic of them, but here is one I found trawling online) Splendid_Fairy-wren-ct280-280x211 this is a boy and his girlfriend and yes, during Spring, the boys really are that splendid! (pic courtesy

The drive home via Manjimup was a bit traumatic as we ran out of petrol (by the gauge that is) with about 30 km left 😦  I ask you, a highway that has no service stations for it’s entire length, what planet are we on people??? It was with a grateful sigh, that we hobbled into a station outside of Mum’s town and put in $20 worth. We got home as the sun was setting just after 7.00pm, exhausted but relieved and happy.

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