Holidays at Mum’s place 1

It has been a while since I posted, I’ve been away visiting my Mother (my daughter and I chewed through her internet allowance in 2 days and were thus reduced to dial-up speed…no posts!).

I have probably mentioned before that Mum lives in a coastal town about 3 hours drive away. Being October school holidays, it was pretty busy in town, but not her her little slice of heaven just 5 minutes drive away. A couple of hundred metres to the beach with no roads to cross, just lovely. T’was not all beer and skittles however, my daughter had her first driving lessons courtesy of moi and, although she did well, it was hardly what could be termed stress-free!

It is Spring here in Oz and the weather is pretty variable, back home it has been cool-ish but very pleasant, however, it rained off and on for the whole time we were visiting Mum. That didn’t stop the flowers blooming and the birds and animals getting out in the sun however, it was just magic.

She has a female Western Ring-tailed Possum living in the front garden DSC_0922

A female Bobtail (blue tongue skink) living in her gazanias DSC_0927-EFFECTS

and there are a few Western Rosellas (parrots) nesting around the place (this is a boy) DSC_0931 (sorry about the blurry phone pic, he was really handsome)

I spotted this crab hiding in the rocks on the shoreline 🙂 crab

and don’t ask me what this is, it is a small piece of something that was washed up on the beach… any ideas?

DSC_0923-EFFECTS It was firm, but a little squishy!

Talking about squishy, I am definitely going to have to tackle all the squishiness post hearty winter meals, what a truly horrifying spectacle (and this pic has been edited 😦  ) eek!!! I did a bit of exercise while I was down with Mum and discovered the joy of high pressure water cleaners. This pic exhibits about half an hour of fun for me!!!

DSC_0937 I finished this area later and then started on the front pavers, but alas, my time was up and I had to get back home to tend to the neglected troops; this job will be continued during the Christmas break.


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