What is style and other stuff

DSC_0972Every now and then a blog post comes up talking about style.What is it, what does it mean to me? Basically, I dress for comfort and a bit of individualism; the days of suffering for fashion are long gone for me and thank goodness I say!

I have decided that one of my favourite styles is wide-legged pants, personally I don’t think that there will ever be enough wide-legged pants for me. Years ago I had a pair of wide-legged linen trousers that were my favourite. I still have them, but there is only so much iron-on mender that can be used before things start looking too tragic.

My solution was to draft a pattern off said trousers before they gave up for good. This is so long ago that  I had never inserted a zipper, let alone sewn a fly-front. So my pattern was for draw-string waisted pants. This pattern has become my favourite, to the extent that I have made four pairs of pants off it. This weekend I made two pairs, a white pair to replace my original faves and a navy blue pair, just because…

Today is my birthday and this evening my Husband took me to the cinema to see “Pride”, (and I must say how proud I am of my Welsh heritage after seeing it; but that is another story…). I wore my new blue pants and a new pierrot-collared sleeveless blouse to go with it, I felt pretty funky! Look, I know my taste in clothing is pretty wacky a lot of the time, but I dress for myself and the rest of the world can go jump!

While I was getting ready to go out, I laid a few outfits on the bed to make choosing a bit easier and there is definitely a theme here!

DSC_0970  tonight’s garb DSC_0965 another contender, white pants, newly-made Sorbetto top and coral-coloured bolero  DSC_0966 white pants and blue peasant blouse

tbh, I really like them all. It was a hot day here in Perth (around 36 degrees) and those outfits are all pretty cool temperature-wise; plus I know that there will never be anyone I see who is wearing anything that looks like my clothes and really, isn’t individuality one of the attractions of sewing for oneself?


52 and still got it (well, still got something anyway!) 😉

3 thoughts on “What is style and other stuff

  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a great one.

    I think the best thing about having your own style is that you no longer have to care what anyone else thinks of it. That worry used to inform many of my outfit choices, until I realised it wasn’t anyone else’s business what I wore. It’s so much fun to find your style and make it look fabulous, as you’ve done with your wide-legged pants.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments! I think we all do the fashion-follow as young women, one of the wonderful things about getting a bit older is wanting to look one’s own version of nice, other people’s opinions have matter very little!

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